Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yes I am still here

Hello world (or the 3 people that read this) It has be a really long time since I have blogged. So I am going to try a ketchup with what has been going on in the last year and half. I has been a little crazy. Just a little warning this is a long post and might be a little emotional.

May- Sept
I was working on the Cruise ship again. I was going really good. The only problem was that they made a new rule that you could not work the entire season. So I had to take more vacations. Which was ok but I did not make as much money and did not get to pay off my car like I had planed on. The other big problem was that the company was in financial trouble. The whole season we were not sure if we would have a cruise the next week. We were just going with the flow. The company made it to the last 2 weeks in the season. Big bummer that we did not make it all the way to the end. the shut the boat down and sent us home. The best thing that came out of it was the company did send me home 1st class. It was great. If they could fly me home 1st class why could they not go to more weeks. oh well.

I went home to New York to see what my next move was going to be. My dad's health was starting to go down hill. so I was not sure what I want to do. I was looking for job in my home town but there was not much there. I got a lead on a job in FL so I went down for an interview at Baby Cakes (a vegan bakery that was opening at Downtown Disney). I got the job so I was moving back to FL. I was going down a little before my grandma so I stayed at my old house. It was fun but different there.

I was still living in FL with my grandma in Zephrhills. I was enjoy life in FL was starting to get back into church activities and was starting to go to the gym again. I was feeling great about life. The job was going good the only problem was I was not getting a lot of hours. So I started to look for a part time job and an apartment in Orlando that was closer to work. Nothing was working out which turned out to be a good thing.
Dad took a turn for the worst around Thanksgiving and almost did not make it. It was the beginning of a nightmare that I did not want to happen. The worst part was not knowing what was going to happen. It was day to day, some days where really good and others were not so good. Dad was air lifted to a hospital in Rochester which is 4 hr away from where I live. I was still in FL at that time. I was trying to figure when to go home, Mom said that It was up to me so I stated in FL a little longer. Dad was some what out of the woods so I felt good about my decision. The deciding fact came about week later when dad called me to tell me goodbye and that he loved me. After I stopped crying a combed down I was on the computer looking for flight. At that point there was not much more that the dr's could do.

I went back to NY to see what help I could be. There was a new device that could work for my dad. He was not sure at 1st if he wanted to get the device. The device is a called a LVAD (left Ventricle Assist Device) . The device helps the blood flow in his body so the heart does not have to work so hard. Yes it is a little scary when you 1st learn about it but the nurses and dr's are really helpful. It was a long process to go though to get the LVAD. At sometimes dad was not good enough to get it then other time is was but he was never consistent enough. Dad was in the hospital in Rochester for 77 days. Me and mom made the 4 hr trip every weekend. Dad did end up with the LVAD which has been great. Without modern technology my dad would not be with us today.


Jan- Aug

When dad got home I help with his rehab. At 1st I had to do a lot of him but as the days went on he did really good at recovering. When dad was doing better and I did not have to be there all the time I started looking for jobs. I started working a family owned restaurant not far from my house. It was not the best job in the world but I needed the money. Dad is doing a good as he can with device, The next step is a heart transplant. We are going to try and hold that one off a long as possible. The hardest part of this was watching my dad go down hill so fast a not being able to do anything about it. Another hard part was seeing mom go though it to. At times it was hard to be strong for the family when I just wanted to break down.
In July I was the head cook at girls camp and love every min of it. the heat was a little much at times but other than that I had a great time. If I can then I will do it again this July.

Aug - Dec
I moved to Erie PA for a job. Heidi had called me with a job offer that I could not turn down. It has been a good move for me. I am about 5 hrs away from home, so I can take a trip home for the weekend if I want too. I am a line cook at victors restaurant at the Bel-Arie Clarine Hotel. Everything has been going great. My grandmothers health started to go down hill and we lost her in November. It suck that she had to leave us but she is in better place and with my Poppy.

That has been my life lately, it has started to settle down a little. It has been a hard and emotional year but I came out of it stronger.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


As I said in my last post about not going back to Cruise West next year I have been looking at other jobs. I am just not sure what I want to do anymore or where I want to be. I am done with the season in Oct and would like to start another job in Nov, But I am thinking of not starting until Jan that way I will be home for the Holidays. The couple of jobs that I have looked at are the new Disney Ship, Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, Catering, and Eckerd Youth Alternatives. There have been others to but these are the ones that have stood out to me.

Disney Cruise line
has a new Ship coming out in Jan so I thought that that would be a good one to apply for to do youth actives. The pay is not as good as what I make know but my that time I should be out of debt so I don't have to worry to much about bills. I think that it would be really fun to work with the kiddies.

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort
is an Armed Forces Recreation Center,and is located in Garmisch, Germany. It is a resort for Military families to come a relax on there time off. I would have to do a 13 month contract. What a great place to work and I would get to travel Europe while I am there, and they only hire Americans. to work there.

Catering has a lot of different options that I can do. It is almost never the same and I can do it anywhere. I won't get as board with this because this are always changing in the Catering field. I just have to figure out where I want to settle.

Eckerd Youth Alternatives helping at-risk youth and their families. It is a camp style program that helps kids that need help and there parents are having trouble helping them. I would be a camp counselor helping them with outdoor actives and other stuff. I think this is a great why to help kids and a great way for we to grow as a person. The camps are located on the east coast.

That's what I have been thinking about over the last couple of weeks. What do I do next in my life? Is is time to settle down some where and put roots down. I thinking maybe but I am not sure. if anybody is out there reading this let me know what you think.

Here's the Deal...

I have started a new season with the Cruise ship. I am on a different ship this year. I am on The Spirit of Endeavour which is about the same as my boat last year but a little smaller. It has been a crazy start to the season already. They have added a position in the Gally (kitchen) that was not there last year so they hired to many people to start the season. With that I was sent on my 1st vacation right off the bat. I was not happy about that. So I went home for my 3 weeks off but lucky for me I got called back early to help out with crew meals on the other boats. The chef that they hired for my boat was not that great and he no longer works on my boat. That is why I came back early. So there will be a new Chef when I go back to the Ship tomorrow. Hopefully it will be for the better. This I will be the Pantry (cold food) and Relief baker. I am glad that I get to do some baking this year. It is really had to get into the baking on this ships b/c they stick with bakers that have work with the company before. So maybe this is a way in but who knows if i will be back next year. I think I say that every year.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Life......

Well this last month has been pretty good. It has had it good moments and bad one. I have been doing good on the healthy life style. I have lost about 12lbs which is awesome. I feel way better about myself. I need to get a little better at the eating habits. I am a lot better then I was but there is always room for improvement. I am a little worried about going back on the ship and keeping up with working out and eating right. I have gotten a personal trainer and she is helping me with keeping up with the workouts. She gives me hits on ways to keep up with it. I want to have a healthy life style b/c my family's health history sucks.

I have been thinking lately about my career and where I want to be in my life. I am going back to the ship in a little less then a month. Don't get me wrong I love working there and traveling and the money is great.The people are also great. I have to go back this season b/c I have signed a contract and I am not one to back out of a contract. I am trying to figure out what to do when the season is over. I want to settle down some where and put down roots. I just don't know what I will be doing or were. I have a lot to think about. I also miss out on so many things that happen at home with family and friends.

Well were will the next adventurer in my life lead me?

Monday, February 1, 2010


Well this morning I was watch a talk show b/c I don't have much to do with my life at the moment. They were talking about being Single, divorced, and Married. It was a really good segment on the subject. It also got me to thinking about being single. I have been single for a really long time and I have sometimes been ok with it and others times not so much. At the point where I am in my life right now I am ok that I am still single. I have been able to do the things that I want to do and not have to worry about anyone else. I have been able to learn more about me as a person and to know what I really want out of life. One day I will meet someone that loves me for me and we will have a great life together. I get better the older I get.
There are time when I see most of my friends are in relationships and I am jealous of them b/c I want what they have. Then I step back and realize that maybe I am not as ready for it as I think that I am. I know that my Heavenly Father has a plan for me and has a time line for me. I just have to keep working on myself so I can be that person for another person.


Well its been 2 weeks sense my last post and I have been doing great. I have stumbled a little but I am still working on it. I still love working out with Bob. He is great and I don't want to give up when I am working out. Its great to feel this way. I am on my way to success.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Biggest Loser

Well its been a while, so for the 3 people that read my blog I will do an update. I Love working put with Bop Harper and the Biggest loser DVD's. I have been doing it for a week and I am feeling great. I am more determined to stick with it this year. I say that every year but I am sticking with it. I am not to happy with the way that I am right now. I have not been taking care of myself the way that I should but that is all going to change. I am one week in so that is great. I am also going to try to keep my blog updated on my progress.